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Welcome to Highway420music.com. This website is where you can get the latest news on Terrence Hemp Cummings and his CD "Highway 420". Feel free to browse around and make yourself at home. Listen to every song on "Highway 420" with the flash player at the top of every page. Visit the Music page to read the lyrics of the 10 tracks on "Highway 420" and leave THC a message on the Guestbook page or write a review of the CD. If you like what you hear you can purchase "Highway 420" on the Buy CD page. Just make sure you and your friends listen to the title track "Highway 420" every day and night at 4:20. Front Cover   Back Cover  

The Urban Legend Of Planet X War On This!

"Highway 420" Now Available on Amazon.com - March 19, 2010

Now you can buy Terrence Hemp Cummings' new CD "Highway 420" on Amazon.com. Visit Amazon.com today and you will be able to download the whole CD or single tracks and you can also have the physical CD shipped to you.

Highway 420 Now Available on Itunes - January 26, 2010

"Highway 420" has recently become available on Itunes. Make sure all of you Ipod users go to Itunes and download THC's new CD "Highway 420".

THC Ad in Relix Magazine - January 7, 2010

An 2/3 page ad for "Highway 420" is in Relix Magazine Dec/Jan issue. Go to your local head shop or book store and pick up the current issue of Relix Magazine to see the add for THC's new CD "Highway 420".
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